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Neim001 - Various Artists EP Part 1

.Nocturnal Overload aka Michal Ho & JonJon – i feel
Tech house goodness from Nëim with “I Feel” from Nocturnal Overload. This is a deep tech house track that shows you how groove is achieved. The track has a “simple” groove going on but as time progresses, clever use of fx and distortions, delays, etc, make changes to the overall structure, creating complexity on something that initially sounded simple. Throughout the track we get a simple vocal saying “I feel, you feel”, that just adds fun to the tune. Furthermore, the clever use of layered loops make this a really good dance tune. I clearly see Lee Burridge dropping this in the middle of his sets!

.Pinto – true homs
Considered one of the best nubreed of Mexican producers / djs in Mexico, Pinto is back with True Homs on Nëim. The track is pure tech house bliss,
showcasing the direction Neim is currently taking with their artists. The tracks starts with a loopy percussion and some sliced vocals here and there, making you eager to discover whats coming up next in the track. As we progress into the tune, synth stabs start to fall into place when some gorgeous deep housey pads complete the tune. The breakdown is subtle for this track with one huge woosh raising the energy, ending with the same loop of the beginning. Good track for mid sets with kick!

.The Midnight Perverts – full house
The Midnight Perverts, have been carving a niche in the tech house / house circuits globally and this track proves why. As the title says it, house is the name of the game in this track. An infectious groove, along a recessed percussion start in the opening of the track, slowly but effectively a trippy pad starts to blend into the whole equation… suddenly, you are left floating in pad land, when out of the blue, the whole groove starts to kick in and you are in loop-land. This is a great track for your middle sets, when you want to keep the energy going. Full house indeed! Try to lay down some acappellas on this one for a killer effect.

.Yapacc & Miriam schulte – grover

Yapacc & Miriam Schulte deliver a twisted tune in the form of “Grover”. This is the perfect tune for deeper sets or the earlier parts of your set. Grover starts simple, with a groovy but laidback bassline, along some deep vocals. Along the way, the percussion stops, leaving you only with the bassline some bell-like sound fx, and boom, you continue into the same deep track as before. This is a track clearly made for Fabric, no lights at all!

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